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APex Training Manual

APex Training Manual
Innovative First Aid Training from APex Training Solutions

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How do I become an instructor of the APex first aid program?
Please click on our become an instructor page for all the details.

If I become an APex instructor, does that mean I work for APex?

APex Training Solutions is an approved first aid program. Rather than offering CPR and first aid courses to the general public, we offer training programs for instructors, along with support and first aid resources. Once you become an instructor, your options are to set up your own training company or work for one of our valued training partners .

I work for a large company and would like to teach the APex first aid program to colleagues. Can I become an instructor?

Absolutely! In fact, if your company has used other CPR and first aid programs in the past, they’re in for a treat! Learn how to become an instructor by following our link, then contact us to discuss the next step.

Aren’t all first aid training programs the same?
The principles and first aid techniques are standardized and must adhere to current industry standards; however, the manuals used by independent providers, and program delivery, can differ significantly. At APex, we pride ourselves on incorporating fun and innovative teaching tools and methods in our programs. Visit Why APex and our innovative first aid program pages for more details.

There are so many first aid training programs and providers in Alberta. How do I decide which is best for me?

In our opinion, the best first aid training program encompasses a relaxed, yet professional atmosphere, focuses on student involvement and creative ways of teaching concepts and procedures—that students actually remember—has students returning year after year for updates, and makes for an enjoyable day or weekend in a classroom—not a dreaded “work have-to”. Do you agree? If so, become an instructor with APex or take an APex CPR or first aid course from one of our training partners, then tell us how we stack up!

What is your connection to Second Chance CPR & First Aid?

Second Chance CPR & First Aid has been operating in the greater Edmonton area since 1995. The company proudly provided Canadian Red Cross First Aid courses until 2005 and still provides Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada CPR courses. While we value our past and current association with these respected national providers, we have chosen to take CPR and first aid training in exciting new directions by adopting an industry-approved independent program.

APex Training Solutions was a natural transition for owners Pierre Schaaf and Alain Joly, who wanted to offer students and instructors an innovative first aid program. Both companies share office space in our Kingsway location, however, APex is the training program and Second Chance CPR & First Aid is one of several  training partners in Alberta.