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APex Training Manual

APex Training Manual
Innovative First Aid Training from APex Training Solutions

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Innovative First Aid Training from APex Training Solutions

Changing Perceptions

Unfortunately, first aid training can conjure up images of being held hostage over a weekend, trying to remember an overwhelming amount of information about body systems, bandaging and chest compressions. When we set out to design a new CPR and first program and training manual, our goal was to challenge this perception.

Experiential and Interactive Learning

At APex, we are committed to providing CPR and first aid training programs and resources that make learning easy and enjoyable. Through experiential and interactive components, participants are actively involved in course delivery. Not only do students enjoy the day, they are better able to remember the skills and facts they have learned.

  • We start by insisting that the teaching environment is comfortable and relaxed, though professional.
  • Our courses and first aid book feature PALTM and KITTM, cartoon characters that help guide students through the process.
  • Humour is encouraged and contributes to minor workouts during courses (takes more muscles to smile than to frown :)
  • We’ve incorporated creative teaching tools in our program, such as the STOP Sign of LifeTM, an acronym and symbol for one of the fundamental concepts of first aid:
  • S – Survey the scene
  • T – Take charge
  • O – Observe and assess
  • P – Protect yourself
  • Students are reminded of this concept every time they leave the house!
  • Games help to liven up classes. For instance, Jeopardy always stirs up friendly rivalry and a few laughs.
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But don’t just take our word for it. Visit our testimonials page to hear what students and instructors have to say about our innovative first aid training program.