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APex Training Manual

APex Training Manual
Innovative First Aid Training from APex Training Solutions

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Alberta Community Groups: Consider this Unique Fundraising Idea

We’re all too familiar with popular fundraising items—chocolates, cookie dough, magazines, etc. Some items aren’t the healthiest of food choices, and many are “extras” we simply don’t need. Yet the campaigns—and the door-knocking—continues. Why not consider a unique fundraising idea that will provide real benefits to family, friends and your community?

Every Home, Teacher, Coach, School, Office...Should Have a First Aid Book

A first aid book is a valuable resource that everyone should own. It provides access to valuable information during a medical emergency. Plus, It’s What You Know is one of the easiest reference books you’ll ever use. Take a virtual tour to see for yourself.

A Fundraising Opportunity with Great Returns

Earn up to $8 per book for your school, sports team or community group and help make our communities safer!  It’s What You Know is the perfect gift for parents, grandparents, nannies, teachers, soccer coaches, bus drivers, babysitters...

Contact us today to learn more about this fantastic fundraising opportunity!